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Purchasing a keyboard

Exciting times! You are ready to buy your first keyboard! But where to start? Hopefully this will give you some good advice as to what to consider before buying


Don't buy anything too over-complicated! Too many buttons can bamboozle a child, are not really required and distract them from actually playing anything. All the entry level models are a reasonable price, come with plug and music stand and do the job perfectly until at least Grade 3. They are also easy to sell on if you have taken care of it.

Go for a minimum of 5 octaves (61 keys) and touch response is not essential! If you buy 'touch response' make sure you can switch it off as well as on as children can actually find it quite annoying and hard to get used to. A back beat function though is essential - so something like a digital piano won't do the trick so well


Casio and Yamaha models come highly recommended as sturdy, easy-to-use, fun keyboards. We at Funky Monkey have always used Yamaha entry level models and still have keyboards going strong from 20 years use! They tend however to re-design their models every year, so look out for good deals at the end of the season when they are selling off old makes to make way for new! 



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