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A helpful platform with additional bits and bobs to make the most of your classes with us!


Print out Practice Chart!

To get the most out of lessons with us, regular practice is strongly recommended - even 5 minutes most days in the early stages is a good thing! So here is a simple practice chart to print out and stick in a common area (ie kitchen, near the keyboard) as a reminder to tickle the ivories and keep those fingers jammin'! You can bring in a reward incentive if you like too. Try and keep your keyboard up and out, in a common area. It really does help encourage playing rather than having to drag it kicking and screaming out from under the bed....


Top Tips for Successful Practising


Completed Tune PDFs

Sometimes, you may want to get a completed copy of one of the pieces in our books. This may be because you were away for a lesson and want to catch up, you may have forgotten your book one week (surely not!) or it maybe even that your little person's writing was 'a bit messy' and you want a clearer copy! You will receive a password to access these each time you reach a new level. Please try not to access the pages until the lesson has taken place!

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