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This exciting development for Funky Monkey Keyboard Classes was launched in September 2013 and comprises of a two term course for 4 year olds.  It is specifically aimed at bridging the gap between 'shake, rattle and sing' style pre-school classes and our instrumental lessons for 5+ years. 

Course Objectives
  • To introduce young beginners to the electronic keyboard and written music in a highly fun and visual manner in weekly after school lessons

  • To provide a stimulating balance of listening, playing, writing and performing music with the use of electronic keyboards and other fun props

  • To teach children notes C, D, E, F and G using the unique Funky Monkey workbooks. Pupils will not only be able to find these notes on a keyboard but also be able to recognise them on the written stave

  • To introduce children to the theory ('nuts and bolts') of music - note names, values and meanings in order for them to utilise this knowledge with any instrument they may choose to take up

  • Please click here for scheme details

  • These lessons leads perfectly to our course for 5+ years

Class set up
  • A 40 minute class contains no more than 8 children with one teacher. Our teachers have specific music qualifications with keyboard or piano as either their first or second study (either as an under or post graduate) and an enhanced DBS

  • The entry age group is generally between 4 and 5 years but we can accept children who are rising 4 at the Director's discretion

  • All children have their own keyboard set with headphones provided for class use

  • Each book contains 10 lessons and the full course can be completed in approximately 2 terms. You are able to re-sign per term

  • If your child has special needs, please contact the Director before booking either classes or holiday courses

  • Classes are priced at £12.00, reduced to £9.00 for siblings, and are payable by term.

  • Invoice example (after free trial) - 1 child = 10 lessons @ £12 plus £6.50 for book = £126.50

  • Invoice example (after free trial) - 2 children = 10 lessons @ £12, 10 lessons @ £9 plus £6.50 each for book = £223.00

  • You are able to try one class for free before committing to a full term.

  • Please choose a trial that you would be able to continue throughout the term, should you wish to enrol.

  • The Funky Monkey workbooks are £6.50 each and you will require roughly one per term

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