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Face-to-face classes for 4 year olds
(child must have passed their 4th birthday to start)

I launched this exciting development for Funky Monkey Keyboard Classes in September 2013. The course is specifically aimed at bridging the gap between 'shake, rattle and sing' style pre-school classes & our keyboard classes for 5+ years. Lots of visual, interactive stimulus in the book, but very little writing. Perfect for keen little musicians! 

Ali Edwards, Founder

The Course 


Green Stage 1

10 chapters of fun-filled action, taking your little beginner on a step-by-step musical journey right from the very start! Very little drawing required. We teach the first 3 notes (C, D & E) alongside crotchets, crotchet rests and quavers over approximately 10 lessons. 


Blue Stage 2

Another 10 chapters of more action-packed lessons, moving on to F & G and introducing the minim and time signature, whilst revising and repeating everything ready for Junior Book 1. Again, very little drawing required. Listening games and quizzes a-plenty to help consolidate and enjoy!


Junior Book 1

The children will then move on to the Junior Scheme, but won't need to start from the beginning of Book 1. It will be at the teacher's discretion as to where they start, but normally anywhere between lesson 3 and 6. They will be drawing more now they know more!

Three Blind Mice.jpg

'3 Blind Mice' by Anna, age 6


'Pirate Quiz' by Theo, age 4

Hungry Caterpillar.jpg

'Caterpillar' by Zoe, age 5

Set Up

  • A snappy 50 minute class has no more than 8 children with one teacher

  • The entry age group is generally between 4 and 5 years

  • All children have their own keyboard set with headphones provided for class use

  • You are able to re-sign per term


  • Classes are £17, reduced to £14 for 2nd child

  • 10% off for new customers throughout 2024

  • Invoice example (after free trial) - 1 child = 10 lessons @ £170 plus £7 for book, 10% off = £159.30 

  • Invoice example (after free trial) - 2 children = 10 lessons @ £170, 10 lessons @ £140 plus £7 each for book,  10% off = £291.60

  • You are able to try one class for free before committing to a full term. You will be charged pro rata if you join mid term

  • The Funky Monkey workbooks are £7 each and you will require roughly one per term

  • We are unable to take childcare vouchers


Click here to register and choose a free trial

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