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  I have carefully designed this five book course to engage & fully immerse children into the tricky world of music, leading to an official exam if desired. The books help pupils step by step, note by note, quiz by quiz & song by song to be confident in note reading and writing. A whole catalogue of fun, famous (and infamous!) tunes, with bad drawings and terrible lyrics, these books make for an irresistible scheme for any cool kid!

Ali Edwards, Founder

The Course

After Books 2 & 4 pupils can take an informal 'no fail' progress exam

There are 10 pieces to learn in each of the books 1-5, perfectly balanced with practice pages and quizzes. With tunes including Happy Birthday, Jingle Bells, Mary Had a Kangaroo (yes, really!) Lonely Cowboy, Lavender's Blue, Old MacDonald, Ode To Joy and Drunken Sailor they will soon have a whole catalogue of songs to impress friends and family! Book 5 consolidates everything learnt in Book 1-4 and leads them gently into exam preparation. Studying for the Trinity Initial Exam takes two terms, and there is an additional theory book to use alongside the official exam book to keep pupils on their toes! They then graduate from our scheme.

The Set Up

  • Classes are 45 minutes long

  • Classes have no more than 7 children with one teacher

  • The entry age range is generally between 5 and 8 years (Older children are welcome to join us - up to 11 years, but we wouldn't put them in a 'beginners' class)

  • All children have their own keyboard set with headphones provided for class use

  • You are able to re-sign per term

  • On completion of the 5th 'Funky Monkey' book, either an informal Funky Monkey exam or official Trinity Guildhall Exam can be studied for and taken, usually over 2 terms. Neither of these are compulsory!

  • Click here to read about the Trinity Guildhall Exam

 The Cost

  • Classes are priced at £16, reduced to £13 for 2nd child (must be a sibling!), and are payable by term

  • Invoice example (after free trial) - 1 child = 10 lessons @ £16 plus £6.50 for book = £166.50

  • Invoice example (after free trial) - 2 children = 10 lessons @ £16, 10 lessons @ £13 plus £6.50 each for book = £303.00

  • You are able to try one class for free before committing to a full term

  • The Funky Monkey workbooks are £6.50 each and you will require roughly one per term

  • We are unable to take childcare vouchers


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