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Please read our terms and conditions carefully as these are designed to ensure we provide a successful and enjoyable learning environment. By paying for and attending lessons you are agreeing to our terms and conditions laid out below

1.  If you would like to continue after your trial, you will be asked to commit to one term of lessons. You will automatically be sent an invoice for the next term, but are not obliged to re-enroll

2.  If you miss a class, it cannot be refunded, although we will try and find a suitable alternative class if requested. This includes customers who are paying in installments. All classes are payable. 

3.  We cannot offer a partial refund for classes should you wish to stop once the term has commenced

4.  If you are paying by installments then the first payment must be made by requested date on the invoice. Pupils will be automatically taken off our register and will be unable to attend after the second lesson if payment has not cleared our account

5.  If a teacher is absent we do our best to find a deputy. However, if we do have to cancel a class we give as much warning as possible and a full refund for that class is given.

6.  If a child repeatedly behaves in an unacceptable manner during classes, we reserve the right to terminate his/her lessons immediately without refund. We will of course do our level best to talk through and resolve any problems before taking this step

7.  If your son/daughter has any form of special needs or reading/writing difficulties you must consult us before enrolling on any course/class


1. If the WHOLE CLASS has to be cancelled for any length of time due to a lockdown either countrywide or locally, we will issue a credit (or refund) in full for the remaining classes

2. If an INDIVIDUAL FROM A CLASS has to isolate under instruction from their school, they will be transferred to our pre-recorded

home tutorials in order for them to continue at home. These are priced at £6 per tutorial. As an actual class is £16, the remaining balance from each class (£10 for a single child) will be credited to next term or refunded as appropriate. 

In all other cases, the 'NO REFUND' policy above still stands. 

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