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The Funky Monkey Scheme

The scheme that we use has been carefully (and lovingly!) written by the Founder and Director, Ali Edwards. With a gentle, progressive programme, using fun, interactive books and a good dose of fantastic tunes, quizzes and games, we feel it's the perfect combination of reading, writing and playing that kids just love! We use the traditional teaching method - note names A, B, C, D etc and English terminology (as opposed to American) - crotchets, minims, semibreves etc

4 years beginners


Green Stage 1

10 chapters of fun-filled action, taking your little beginner on a step-by-step musical journey right from the very start! Very little drawing required. We teach the first 3 notes (C, D & E) alongside crotchets, crotchet rests and quavers over approximately 10 lessons. 


Blue Stage 2

Another 10 chapters of more action-packed lessons, moving on to F & G and introducing the minim and time signature, whilst revising and repeating everything for Book 1. Again, very little drawing required. Listening games and quizzes a-plenty to help consolidate and enjoy!


Junior Book 1

The children will then move on to the Junior Scheme, but won't need to start from the beginning of Book 1. It will be at the teacher's discretion as to where they start, but normally anywhere between lesson 3 and 6. They will be drawing more now they know more!

5-8 years beginners


After Books 2 & 4 pupils can take an informal 'no fail' progress exam


Starting with the very basics, pupils will progress through our funky, bright books, learning to read, write and understand music along the way! There are 10 pieces to learn in each of the books 1-5, perfectly balanced with practice pages and quizzes. With tunes including Happy Birthday, Jingle Bells, Mary Had a Kangaroo (yes, really!) Lonely Cowboy, Lavender's Blue, Old MacDonald, Ode To Joy and Drunken Sailor they will soon have a whole catalogue of songs to impress friends and family! Book 5 consolidates everything learnt in Book 1-4 and leads them gently into exam preparation. Studying for the Trinity Initial Exam takes two terms, and there is an additional theory book to use alongside the official exam book to keep pupils on their toes! They then graduate from our scheme.

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