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Your Questions Answered

Q: Is the keyboard the same as a piano?

A: They are similar, but also have signifcant differences! Please click here for a more detailed answer.

Q: Do we have to bring our own keyboards?

A: No - all equipment is provided during class time and they are all identical  - with headphones!

Q: If you feel my child is quicker/slower than the group they are placed in, can you move them to a more suitable class?

A: Yes. We will be happy to discuss options with each individual child

Q: Do you offer individual tuition?

A: No, we just offer a group based classes on the electronic keyboard. 

Q: Is what they learn in class transferable to other instruments?

A: Yes! Absolutely. Flute, guitar, piano, saxophone, the list goes on!

Q: Do you work towards a recognised exam?

A: Yes. We can enter them for the Trinity Guildhall Initial Electronic Keyboard Exam after Book 5 of the Funky Monkey scheme. 

Q: Do they need to practice at home?

A: Yes. Practice on a keyboard is strongly advised to get the most out of our lessons and to improve ability and understanding. We hire out keyboards identical to those in class to help before commiting to purchasing an instrument

Q: Do you offer refunds for missed classes or if we decide to leave mid-term?

A: We cannot offer refunds for lessons missed and we require that you commit to one term at a time. This is to aid continuity and progress within the groups. 

Q: Do you accept Childcare vouchers?

A: Sadly, we can't accept childcare vouchers as we are not Registered Childcare

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