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What They Say...

'Iona loves her classes! Every time she comes out, she tells me what they've been playing and I sing along with her down the road!'
Mrs Lilliard, Herne Hill

'I must say a big thank you to you and your teachers for all the enthusiasm and support during Eseohe's time at Funky Monkey.  We have been amazed at her progress both in terms of playing and reading music. She has enjoyed every lesson and is now keen to progress onto the piano because of this positive experience. We can't recommend Funky Monkey highly enough. Thank you!'

Mrs Lawrence-Orumwense, Dulwich

'Funky Monkey Keyboard Classes absolutely ROCK!'

Martha, 6, Streatham

'Gabriel is really enjoying the lessons with Victoria, who is lovely. It is such a joy for us to see them all from outside the music room, busy practising writing their musical notes and symbols - very sweet!'
Mr Purves, Brixton

'Connor went into Toys 'R' Us on the weekend, casually strolled up to the keyboard there and played the first few bars of Vivaldi's 'Spring' without even thinking about it! A lovely moment!'
Mr Stewart, Sevenoaks

'Hi Ali - James got his Music Scholarship! You gave him a great start at age 4. That’s where it all began!'

Mrs King, Sevenoaks

'Oliver is really enjoying the lessons...and has recently taken to coming down to play his 'Funky Monkey' tunes on our piano before school. It's such a good idea getting children to not only play music but write it down too!'
Mrs Hubbard, Battersea


'I just wanted to say how much my daughter is enjoying the Funky Monkey summer school she has been doing this week. On every occasion, since her first visit, I have asked if she wants to return and she has always given a very excited 'yes' without any hesitation (which is a little unusual for her!)
Mrs Meek, Bromley

'We enjoyed the end of term concert so much - it was amazing to see Fynn taking part so confidently, he's usually so shy about any kind of public focus being on him. It's a great credit to the classes that he clearly enjoys them so much and feels so confident playing.'
Mrs Walsh, Balham

'The way you structure and execute your classes is exceptional. We have been singing your praises to all our friends'
Mr Moran,Balham

'It has been great watching Cecilia improve this term, from complaining the left hand was 'too hard' to then performing a great rendition of London's Burning, chords and all at the end of term concert !'
Mr Durbin, Sydenham

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