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Self-guided Tutorials for 9 plus years

This new course, written in January 2021 for 9-12 year old beginners ('Tweens') is a step-by-step, age-appropriate course that is designed to help an older beginner learn to read and write music right from the very start. Easy to follow with our 20 minute videos and workbook, with quick and satisfying results, this course is sure to stand them in great stead for any instrument they may choose to take up in the future!

Ali Edwards, Founder


The Course


There are 10-12 pieces to learn in each of the 2 'Tween' workbooks, perfectly balanced with practice pages and quizzes. With tunes including  Ode To Joy, Kum By Ya, Jingle Bells, Catch a Falling Star, various pop songs and many other familiar tunes, they will soon have a whole catalogue of songs to impress friends and family! They can then, should they wish, study for the Trinity Initial Exam, which normally takes two terms, and there is an additional theory book to use alongside the official exam book to keep pupils on their toes! They then graduate from our scheme.

 Email us to book your first 10 videos and book for just £65!

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