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Free trial and 10% off throughout 2024!*

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I wanted to commend you on the creative & fun system you have devised to get the children excited about learning. It's a joy to see you get so much out of them!

Mum of Isabel, aged 7

Monty loved his free trial so much that he took his
new music book to bed with him! 

Mum of monty, aged 4

This is Funky Monkey!

Check out our 'Hall of Fame!'

The 3 minute medley! how many tunes do you recognise in this crazy mash up? we learn them all at FMKC! 

Naomi performs 'Teddy Bears'
(with vocals!)

elyes performs 'little brown jug'

Clyde performs 'Ode To Joy'

cordelia performs

'hot grumpy buns'

Daniel performs

'Little brown jug'

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