Eliza l  ved her free trial...your approach is genius

Funky Monkey Keyboard Classes is one of our top three things to do in London!

Due to the latest government legislation regarding CV19, classes are suspended between 5th Nov-2nd Dec.

Don't let that stop you though - read on for home tutorials now or 

face-to-face classes when we're back in our centres!


We have two types of class on offer for 4-12 years! 

1. Face-to face group classes at one of our centres:

Click the 'Venue-based Classes' bar above, or you can just 
choose and book your free trial here!


2. Home pre-recorded tutorial programme: 

Click the 'Home Tutorials' bar above

Reasons to join us? That's easy! We are:

Absolutely dedicated to first class electronic keyboard tuition

  Bursting with inspiring teaching techniques for a stimulating experience

Creative! We have a unique, bright scheme with informal & formal exams

Check this out! Our fantastic pupils have been using my recorded tutorials to teach themselves during lockdown! 

Naomi from Sevenoaks plays 'Teddy Bears'

Clyde from London plays 'Ode To Joy'

Elyes from London plays 'Little Brown Jug'

Cordelia from London plays 'Hot Grumpy Buns'

Click here if you are an adult in West Kent looking to start the piano!

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